Boston Travel Guide

vlorabostonBoston is a wonderful town to visit. Boston is able to offer you the chance to see a lot of history, beautiful architecture, and a lot of culture. When in Boston you can do things like see the Phil-harmonic, walk the freedom trail, and walk over to Boston’s old colleges.

Eventually, you will want to settle in for a relaxing evening, and you should definitely look into going to the Vlora Restaurant. This restaurant is one of Boston’s hottest places to go, and it offers diners the chance to enjoy good food and fun. The restaurant seats one-hundred forty people, and so it is usually possible to get a seat. However, because of how popular it is it is a good idea to call ahead for a reservation. It is located in the Back Bay area, and so it should be easy for you to pop on by.

One of the best things about this restaurant is the food. This restaurant offers excellent Mediterranean food that has a unique flavor. The dinner menu includes things like roast chicken, salmon, and grilled shrimp salad. They also offer excellent items like grilled octopus, spanakopita, and their watermelon and feta is something that you should most definitely try.

Their lunch menu is a little bit lighter, but still offers persons the chance to enjoy excellent Mediterranean food. They offer both lamb and chicken gyros. They also have a great lobster roll, and a very nice vegetarian wrap that offers person a chance to enjoy something lighter. If one of your party does not want to eat Mediterranean, then they can order a high quality cheeseburger.

The Vlora Restaurant opens at ten in the morning each day. This means that it is a great place to go out for lunch, and they are able to offer a fantastic lunch spread. They offer a great selection of omelets and waffles. Of course, no brunch is complete without a drink, and so they offer your choice of Bloody Marys, mimosa, excellent champagne, and Elderflower Fizz. They have a full service coffee bar, and so you can even enjoy an espresso after your meal.

The best time to go to this restaurant is at night. They stay open until late into the evening, and later at night it takes on a more of a club atmosphere. The music gets a little bit louder, the patrons start to mingle, and everyone has a whole lot of fun. This restaurant offers a full service bar, and it is possible to get nearly any cocktail made for you. It offers ample seating, bar space, and its sleek décor makes it one of the classiest places to party in Boston.

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