Exploring Chicago’s Art Culture

Chicago is one of the leading travel destination cities because there is so much to see and do.  With everything for the sports fan to the art enthusiast you’ll find you can spend an entire vacation exploring the sights and sounds that are Chicago.  Exploring Chicago’s art culture is possible in a variety of ways.  Here are some of the great events, locations, and art culture activities you can experience when visiting Chicago:

  • The most important visit for any art enthusiast in Chicago is The Art Institute of Chicago.  The Art Institute is recognized as one of the world’s great art museums.  It is come to art collections of all kinds and dating from all periods.  With art dating from as early as 3000 B.C. to current modern artist there is something for every art style and taste.  The Art Institute is also home to one of the largest Monet collections on display.  With decorative arts from around the world you can spend a lot of time exploring the halls of the Institute.
  • If you enjoy the theater and performing arts, there’s an entire array of performances to attend.  Arrive in style with Chicago limo services and take in the action at one of many performance theaters.  Performances include off Broadway productions, dance numbers, and musical performances.  Some of the most popular productions include the Joffrey Ballet recognized as one of America’s finest ballet companies, The popular Blue Man group who amazes audiences year after year, productions at the Harris Theater in Millennium Park, and the Victory Garden Theater where you’ll see before anyone else in the world.
  • Enjoy the music that is Chicago.  One of the highlights of Chicago is the musical performances throughout the city.  From the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to legendary blues and jazz music.  Every night across the city you can find a variety of live musical productions at performance theaters, local clubs, and outdoor venues.
  • Other modern art entertainment includes a variety of comedy clubs and comedy show performances at local pubs and performance venues.  The Chicago comedy scene is known for launching the careers of some of the most popular comedians and continues to be a local hot spot for entertaining comedy acts.  From traditional stand up to improv, you can find an enjoyable night of comedy in many locations throughout the city.

Whether you’re in town to enjoy Chicago for a day or for much longer, there are many ways to explore the art culture that is Chicago.  With activities for every art enthusiast you’ll find museums to visit, theaters and products to enjoy, to local hot spots known for their unique performances and displays.  Take the time to travel and visit what has become one of the country’s leading spots for art by visiting Chicago.

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