Finding Great Deals on Airfare

Everyone wants to know how to find great deals on airfare and sadly there isn’t some magic way to get airfare dirt cheap. However, there are some some tips to help you get the best deal possible and your airline ticket purchase as carefree as possible.

1. Book your tickets in advance. Depending on where you are going look at purchasing airfare around 3 months in advance. Also sign up for emails from the airlines announcing specials.

2. Look at regional airports. For example if you are flying into LA don’t just look at LAX but look at the regional airports like Burbank, Long Beach, etc.

3. Fly in the middle of the week and have flexible dates.

4. Use sites like to see what prices are around your dates and what they have been historically.

5. Look for hidden fees for things like bags, movies, etc. You may find a great deal on Delta but then end up paying more total than if you flew on Southwest or another airline that allows bags to fly for free.


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