How To Get Home After A Night On The Town

Los Angeles is a great town with seemingly endless entertainment possibilities. A night on the town in Los Angeles can include enjoying top of the line restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theaters. Los Angeles is a very large city, and getting around can be difficult sometimes. Driving in Las Angeles can be very challenging due to the extremely heavy amounts of traffic on the city streets. After a night on the town eating and drinking, it is a good idea to get a ride home instead of trying to drive. Calling a taxi cab in Los Angeles for a ride home is a wise decision.

In Los Angeles, taxi service is readily available. There are over 2,000 franchised taxis operating in the Los Angeles area. In addition to the franchised taxis, independent cabs, sometimes called “bandit taxis” operate in the Los Angeles area. Choosing between a franchise taxi and a bandit taxi is not a tough decision, if given a choice. Many people feel safer and more secure in a taxi driven by a driver working for a franchised cab company. The safety and security of the so called “bandit taxis” is somewhat speculative compared to a taxi operated by a recognizable franchise. After a night on the town it is wiser to call a franchised cab company for a ride home. This is particularly true for women traveling alone.

It is a good idea to plan ahead when going out on the town. Try to at least have a general idea where, or in what part of town, the nights festivities will be concluded. This will help in arranging for a ride ahead of time. It is better to call ahead of time and arrange for a taxi to pick you up at a designated place at a specified time. Calling a taxi at the last minute may result in a long wait before the cab arrives. Remember, taxi cabs in Los Angeles are busy, and it can be very difficult to flag down a cab on the street. So play it safe, and call a cab company early to arrange for transportation home.

When the taxi arrives, tell the driver the exact destination, and ask for an approximate quote on the fee. Most Los Angeles cab drivers are very knowledgeable about the city. A good driver knows the best routes to use to get to a destination the fastest. This information is particularly useful when dealing with the notorious Los Angeles traffic jams. Sitting in a taxi cab in a traffic jam costs money. A good driver will find an alternative route to avoid the congested traffic, if possible.

Remember to reward the driver for a good job. The usual tip for a taxi cab driver ranges between 10 percent and 15 percent. However, if the driver was especially helpful, feel free to be more generous. Taking a Los Angeles taxi home can provide a safe conclusion to a night on the town.

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